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Exceptional Representation

The Law Office of Janna K. Saad, Esq., LLC provides high quality legal representation with dedicated individualized attention and goals.  Mediation is also offered for clients who wish to avoid or end litigation.  I am proud to serve Plymouth, Barnstable and Bristol counties on Family and Probate Law matters. Although based in Kingston, I will travel to meet with clients closer to their home to ease the burden.  More importantly, I maintain a smaller case load to be more attentive and sensitive to my client’s legal  matters. Whether someone needs assistance in reaching an amicable resolution to a divorce or parental matter, navigating the legal process to probate a loved one’s estate, or helping to ensure that an incapacitated family or friend has someone to make decisions for them – I will work with clients for the results they need. Limited Assistance Representation is provided as well as independent review of Separation and Parental Agreements. I utilize the most up to date software to provide an efficiency that helps reduce your costs.

My priority is to produce results and achieve your goals.  We will work together to find the best approach with an objective to reduce the likelihood of a return to the Court because of an incomplete or vague agreement.  With the laws always adapting, it may be time to review your child support or alimony orders but that doesn’t have to mean a lengthy and adversarial process.  Sometimes early intervention in a matter can reduce litigation costs and time.  

Drafting wills and probating estates is another arena that involves multiple changes and updates that could interfere with the ability to have your final wishes carried out as you designate.  Getting the documents right the first time will increase the likelihood that probate will go smoothly.  

Mediation is a useful tool for all matters:  divorce, custody, elder care, support, paternity, and distribution of a final estate.  A cheaper and friendlier alternative to litigation with better results. Collaborative Law is another wonderful alternative to litigation that allows the parties to reach the settlement that works best for them with the assistance of the right professionals to guide them to completion.

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Janna K. Saad, Esq.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts School of Law – Dartmouth and was valedictorian of my class.  I attended law school on nights and weekends while raising two kids with my husband and working full time during the week.  After working several years for a larger firm, I decided I wanted to practice law on a slower pace to provide a more personal experience for my clients.  I am committed to ensuring that everyone has access to legal advice no matter what their income level. 


Further, I am a trained Mediator and Collaborative Law practitioner to provide an opportunity for disagreeing parties to resolve their issues without litigation. Divorce, custody, estates, and elder care are all prime matters for mediation.  Given the emotional aspect to family and probate law matters, it helps to have someone who is knowledgeable in the law to provide a third party voice to reach a settlement that works for an individual family’s needs instead of turning to a stranger (a Judge) to make those decisions for you.

Certifications:  Limited Assistance Representation,  Mediation, Collaborative Law

Memberships:  American Bar Association, Barnstable County Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, Plymouth District Bar Association, Plymouth County Bar Association, and Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council.

Program Participation:  Lawyer of the Day Plymouth Probate and Family Court, Lawyer of the Day Barnstable Probate and Family Court, Lawyer of the Day Taunton Probate & Family Court, Attorneys Representing Children Bristol County,  Attorneys Representing Children Plymouth County, Conciliation Program Plymouth County, Conciliation Program Barnstable County, Coordinator of the Teddy Bears for Adoption Program with Plymouth County, and South Coastal Counties Legal Services volunteer attorney for free or reduced fee legal services.

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